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Home for the Holidays Texas, Inc documentary update

As seen in her latest film One Way Home, Liss LaFleur’s filmmaking comes in the form of new media, with her background in photography, art history, and cinema all working together to create a powerful filmic experience. LaFleur has made a name for herself, having won a number of accolades throughout her emerging career, and recently won a Hackathon at the Filmgate Interactive Festival for One Way Home. It is all this and more that puts LaFleur on our 10 to Watch list.
Detailing the AIDS/HIV crisis, One Way Home is an interactive documentary about Rodd Gray, a gay Air Force veteran in Texas, who spearheads the nation’s only charity organization dedicated to bringing AIDS-inflicted people home and reuniting them with their families, called Home for the Holidays, Texas. For many, this may be their last trip home.