“We are committed to reuniting families when they need it the most by promoting a better quality of life for people living with AIDS. We ensure they have the means and opportunity to be with their loved ones. To our knowledge there is no other organization in the world that does what we do.”

Our Mission

Home for the Holidays Texas, Inc. sends people living with AIDS home to be with their families by raising funds to provide travel services.

Our History

Home for the Holidays was founded in the early 1990’s by Razzle Dazzle Dallas board members Rodd Gray and John Michael Gordon.  Rodd and John enlisted the help of the Round-up Saloon and created the Miss Charity America Contest to raise money for their dream. As the dream grew, under the need of a 501(C)3 tax exempt status, Razzle Dazzle Dallas accepted the duties of administration and tax reporting.  Over the years, other bars in the community chipped in and hosted shows to help raise funds for the program.


After the Razzle Dazzle Dallas street party came to an end, Home for the Holidays Texas, Inc. took over the administration and fundraising for the program. With its 501(c)3 status, all donations made to the program are tax exempt. From talent shows to female impersonators, varied talents are brought together to create fun and festive occasions through which people can donate to this very worthwhile cause. Additional fundraisers, including auctions, a special partnership with Viva Dallas Burlesque and other events, have been added to the fundraising calendar.

Family Support

This one of a kind organization was born out of a single fundraiser event in 1992 to send a man living with AIDS home to see the family he had not seen in 8 years. By the time we organized the event, he had passed away. Nevertheless, the event was so successful we were able to send 5 people home that year. Since then, we have sent hundreds of people home or brought families here if the person living with AIDS was too sick to travel. Many of our recipients make this final trip home to die.

We have also provided transport for funerals, and we have recently had requests for grants to pay for cremations. We are a volunteer organization with no office and minimal expenses. We rely on donations from individuals and monies raised at various events, including the annual Mr. and Miss Charity America pageant. All board members are volunteers and give freely from their hearts so that we can send people living with AIDS home all year.

Our Objectives

  • Schedule and pay for Holiday Travel for people living with AIDS.
  • Schedule and pay for Emergency Travel for people living with AIDS
  • Organize fundraisers and new events to generate income.
  • Explore new opportunities for donor involvement.
  • Work with AIDS-services organizations to raise awareness of our services.
  • Expand the program to other geographic areas.
  • Raise sufficient additional funds to establish a program to pay for cremation expenses