Sexual Behavior and HIV. Why Students are Under Risk

There are a lot of studies on the sexual behavior of a person. College students are on active trends when it comes to this matter. During their time at college, students tend to try and experience sexual activities because of the liberty that they have. And most of the time, they become carefree and just do whatever they want without thinking of the consequences of their actions. College students become more open to exploring their sexual preferences and activities. This could put them at risk of HIV. There are different sexual behaviors that college students do and practice, making them vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and even HIV.

Sexual Behaviors that Put Students at Risk of HIV

• Irresponsible sex practice
College students are sexually active because, at their age, many are aggressive and want to explore things. In doing sexual intercourse, they need to remember that using protection is being responsible because of the possible catching of HIV. This is a protection for both partners because not using one puts them under risk of HIV, especially if the intercourse is just a plain hook up.
• Sharing of needles and other things
Because of the continuous exploration of students with their sexual behavior, there are those who use casual drugs with the use of needles. Sharing of the needle with others and other things can put students at risk of having HIV. This is a proven method of catching the condition, so better yet not to go with this kind of activity to be safe.
• Trying different sexual positions
The aggressiveness of students in terms of their sexual behavior leads them to explore sexual positions. Some of the positions can end up catching HIV, especially the anal position, as stated by some studies (gay couples). This should be avoided because there are still other methods wherein the practice can still be enjoyed without getting ill after it.
• Casual hook up
Students tend to land with casually hooked sex, even with strangers. And this can be very risky with the safety of the individuals doing this practice. This is a high-risk move because they do not know the history of the person they end up having intercourse with. It is still advisable to take precautions so that the worst situations can be avoided.
Sexual behaviors of students are part of their growing up stage, but being responsible is important because if they abuse their liberty, they could end up acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or even HIV. Students should be aware of the risks and consequences that they can experience when they continue improper sexual behaviors.
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